When considering a Ridgeback ....

Please keep in mind that Ridgebacks are very powerful, 
dogs that are independent thinkers.

*They can be quite stubborn, and are not well known for their reliability off leash*

They do have a protective instinct and we insist you attend obedience 
classes and keep your dog well socialized.

Please visit our FAQ's page for answers to some common questions.

Most Ridgeback Clubs elaborate on the breed's characteristics on their websites.
Please visit our 
Links page 
to get further information.

A word about  
buried electronic fencing.   

A word about 
coat colour
We do not operate a "kennel" 
Our dogs live in our home as cherished members of our family.
Our puppies are born & raised underfoot, - REALLY!

         Having a litter is not something we take lightly. 
We breed because we are hoping to produce a show potential puppy for ourselves, 
not as a source of income.

When we have puppies in the house it is a 24/7 job. 
They require and deserve constant attention and stimulation.

We do have a contract that includes things like:
You must attend obedience class.
You must keep in touch.
A return to breeder clause.
This page was last updated: February 9, 2019
Please take a few minutes to read the information on this page.
This decision should be as important to you, as it is to us. 
Take your time and choose carefully.
All dogs are not created equal, all Ridgebacks are not the same 
and every breeder is not a good fit for your needs. 
Try to meet as many breeders as you can to compare. 

There are tons of Ridgeback groups on Facebook. 
Become friends with them & try to get out to meet with them and their dogs 
- that will be the best research you can do!

Before you make any decisions, please take a moment to ask yourself
if you honestly have the time & patience required to raise a puppy right now?

Far to many people take on a youngster when their lifestyle simply doesn't allow them 
the time required to "properly" raise a puppy.

Many breeders have youngsters they have held back to see how they mature. 
If they are not turning out to be their next great show dog, 
chances are they may be available.

 Please also consider adopting a Ridgeback from 

These are dogs that are often surrendered for reasons that have nothing to do with the dogs behavior 
but rather the owners unfortunate circumstances.
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Things you should know:

The next step would be to copy and paste this form into the body of an email and send it to us.
(please do not send an attachment as I will not open it)

We will then get back to you with some additional information about our next litter.

**Please be PATIENT ... we have real jobs and real lives 
and sometimes things get hectic around here so it may take some time to get back to you.
We will try to find a suitable time for you to visit 
so you can meet the dogs and we can get to know each other a bit

Once again be patient ....we are not a store! 
We have jobs and have to work different shifts.
We also have things to do and there are only so many available days to get things done.
We will find time.
We wait for puppies.
This is the hard part.
I make no promises to anyone until I see what I have to work with.
When the pups are a few weeks old you will be invited for another visit.
At that time we will let you know about any options 
and if you are still interested we will ask for a non refundable deposit.
That is our commitment to each other.
From this time on, we will let you know when we have time for a visit.
Quite often there will be a group of new owners here to visit and we will take advantage of this time to 
chat, answer questions, practice cleaning ears, teeth toenails etc
We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you take puppy home!
Take your puppy home!

But wait..... we're not finished with you!!!!
We want to keep in touch!
We want to see pictures and hear the stories!
If you have a problem either with training or health related ... we want to help you!

Not in a controlling way ... but we want to be available to you.
These are our babies ... we put a lot of effort into them and want to make sure they have a good life.

Still interested ?????
fill out the form to get things rolling.
we are planning a litter for summer 2019....
please fill out the form above and send it to us for more info..
we have