When considering a Ridgeback ....

Please keep in mind that Ridgebacks are very powerful, 
dogs that are independent thinkers.

*They can be quite stubborn, and are not well known for their reliability off leash*

They do have a protective instinct and we insist you attend obedience 
classes and keep your dog well socialized.

Please visit our FAQ's page for answers to some common questions.

A word about  
buried electronic fencing.   

A word about 
coat colour
We do not operate a "kennel" 
Our dogs live in our home as cherished members of our family.
Our puppies are born & raised underfoot, - REALLY!

         Having a litter is not something we take lightly. 
We breed because we are hoping to produce a show potential puppy for ourselves, 
not as a source of income.

When we have puppies in the house it is a 24/7 job. 
They require and deserve constant attention and stimulation.

We want our puppies in homes where they will be treated like a member of the family .
You will need to have a safe, fenced yard.
Most of all you will need time and lots of patience.

We do have a contract that includes things like:
You must attend obedience class.
A return to breeder clause.
This page was last updated: December 27, 2022
Things you should know:
A couple of great videos I found on YouTube....please watch- 
Before you get your heart set on a puppy of any breed, please remember they are a ton of work. It's like having a baby in the house! You will loose sleep and if you are not alert, messes will be made and things will be chewed. 
You will need to invest your time in socializing (that doesn't mean going to the dog park and chatting with the other owners) exercising them, and hopefully going to obedience classes.

If you can't honestly say you are 110% up for this challenge - please do not get a puppy.

There are other options- sometimes breeders may have a dog in need of a home that is out of the puppy stage. Perhaps a rescue dog... every breed has a Rescue group. 

Be extra wary of "Rescue" groups that      are not affiliated with a breed club and especially if they are getting dogs from out of the country. There are too many issues and scams to go into detail here.....        Be Careful
Start by doing some research.
Club websites are a great source of information.
If you still think a Ridgeback is for you try joining some of the social groups on Facebook. Find out where people are walking and try to join them.
Then check out some breeders in your area.
Not all Ridgebacks are the same.
Not all breeders are the same.
Sometimes it's worth the wait to find a breeder that is truly helpful and a source of inspiration, motivation and knowledge.

You wouldn't buy a car just because it was a pretty colour - would you?

Once you have narrowed it down to a couple of breeders you like ask if you can get on their wait list.
​Some will ask for a deposit some don't.
Ask if you can read their sales agreement to learn about your obligations.
In Ontario you can expect to pay approx
$2600 -3500 for a puppy.
HOW do I get a puppy??
If you are still interested and would like to know about our future plans 
Please click on the link below to open the file.
Then copy the questions and paste them into the body of your email.

We are planning a litter!!!

We are planning a litter!!!