Aedan -is also owned by Christina Ayre.
He has been the #1 Ridgeback in Canada for the past couple of years.
Not only is he a Specialty winner but he also has won several Best in Shows ... more

They say it takes a village ......

Special thanks to these lovely ladies 
for helping showing the dogs 
over the years!
Kathy Lewis, Josee Chevalier 
& Christina Ayre!
....and of course a big thank you to Allan for taking care of the home team 
while I'm away at shows.

Thank you all for your expertise. Please know that you are truly appreciated. 
Our Pride Rocks ...

 Of course we feel all of our dogs 
are beautiful and talented, 
but there are a few that have really proven themselves...

Seven - Star of stage & screen,super performance dog, and multi group winning ...he is also Tsvao's mom ..... more

Desmond - Jordan, Dalton & Seven's littermate... what a show dog Desmond was! He really enjoyed the attention and this made him the  # 1 Ridgeback in Canada for 001 ... more

Tsavo - Following in his uncle Desmond's footsteps .... 
Tsavo set a record for winning all 3 Canadian Specialties in one year, then came out of retirement to win another!!!!! 
He also ranked in the top 5 Canadian Ridgebacks two years in a row... more

Nia - Owned By Christina and Stewart Williamson, 
Nia is one of an elite group of Ridgebacks to earn a Utility title! ... more
​coming soon

Maeve - Owned By Christina Ayre, 
Maeve has had an outstanding show career and is a champion in both the US and Canada 
and has ranked nationally in both countries. 
She is also our first Westminster dog! and has won 4 Specialties! ... more