A Few Words About Colour ...
Rhodesian Ridgebacks come in what might appear to be, several colours.
In fact it is several "shades" of the same colour - we refer to it as "wheaten."

What exactly is "wheaten?"
...... well, when you drive past a wheat field you can see several shades
ranging in colour from light tan to reddish ...... and it seems to change colour as the wind blows.
This is similar to the effect referred to as wheaten when speaking of Ridgebacks.
Each individual hair is banded - lighter at the base, darker at the tip.
In the cat world, breeders refer to this as "ticking"

Ridgebacks can range in colour from light wheaten (fawn)
to honey-gold to red wheaten to a very dark red.

All shades are acceptable.

While we are discussing colour ... there is also something we refer to as a "Liver-nose"

What is a "liver-nose?"
Rhodesian Ridgebacks come in two nose colours
- the more commonly seen black nose, and the less common brown or "liver" nose.

Both colours are equally correct.

Liver-nosed Ridgebacks are often admired for their rich coat colour
and intense stare from those light eyes.
*bright red coat
*light eyes
Very striking,  exotic look
Light wheaten...
*black nose
*clean or clear faced
Very pretty - soft expression
Red wheaten...
*reddish coat
*blonde ticking & highlights
*black nose & muzzle
Soft, hound-y expression
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