Decals - approx 9" x 5 1/2" cut vinyl, easily applied to your car door or window! 
*other breeds/images available... 
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Over the years I have discovered that is is quite difficult to find affordable artwork/giftware for many breeds .....
so we began creating our own.

We have created murals, decals, awards/trophies, address plates but mostly suncatchers. 
I have always loved the look of stained glass but found it was quite expensive. 
One day I tried painting on some plexi-glass! The results were wonderful.... much more detail than cut glass,
and although the acrylic is quite expensive - it is much lighter and less breakable making it better for shipping.

We invite you to browse through our pages of work !

Please remember - most of what we do is custom so feel free to ask us for a quote!
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