Annie / Axle Puppies
see Annie/Axle pups at 6 weeks old here
Meet Brooklynn (aka 1F) She now lives with Charla & Dave and Cooper - her RR  friend!
you can see more of Brooklynn here
Here's Tika (aka 2F) she now lives with Jennifer & Terry and her new "human" baby - Ayden!
see more of Tika here
pictures soon
Thor (aka 1M)
Jackson (aka 3M)
Tika (aka 2F)
Tika (aka 2F)
Brooklynn (aka 1F) with Cooper
Grif  (aka 2M)
Josie .... see more of Josie here
Meet the family ... Brooklynn, Tika, Griff, Thor, Jackson, Asha,
  Josie, Winston, Brodie, Kelly, Homer,
Baxter, Mikey, Rascal, Sydney, Sherpa, Allie