FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Please note that any information contained within this web site is for information only 
and is not legally binding. 
The specific contract signed by the breeder and the new owner is the only 
legally binding contract recognized by Priderock Ridgebacks

Q: How much does it cost to own a dog?  
A: The latest figures I could find are ... "Calculated on an average life span of 10 years, 
it will cost approx $25,000 to own a dog.
" This should give you an idea of the commitment required when considering bringing a new pup into your family. 

Q: How much do you charge for your puppies? 
A: In Ontario you can expect to pay between $3000 – 33500 for a Ridgeback puppy 
– depending on their lines etc. This may seem like a lot of money, 
but believe me, this is not a profitable hobby we do it because we love our dogs 
and are always striving to improve the breed 
…. And of course we are always hoping for the next great show prospect!

Q: What do you feed your dogs? 
A: We prefer to feed a kibble based diet ... and supplement as required.
There are many good foods on the market these days.
 As a general rule I would suggest if you can buy your dogfood in a grocery store - the quality may not be as good.
Our dogs are fed twice a day as adults. Most of our dogs eat approx 4-6 cups of food per day 
but this will depend on the food and the activity level of each dog.

Q: What is the difference between males and females? 
A: Besides the size difference (the boys are usually about 15 + lbs more), I find the boys to be more laid back.

Q: Does the nose colour affect it's temperament? 
A: Some report that liver nosed dogs are more energetic. 
I believe that each is an individual and their personality is more based on the lines they come 
from than on their nose colour. It always amazes me how different and individual each puppy is. 
We really start to see their personalities bloom at about 6 weeks, 
which is why we do not assign pups to families until then. 

Q: How early do you release the puppies to their new homes? 
A: Our pups are usually ready for their new families at 8wks old.

Q: Do you micro-chip or tattoo? 
A: We micro-chip our puppies before they leave our home

Q: Do your pups come with "papers"? 
A: We register the litter with CKC within the first four weeks. 
We then register each puppy with their registered name and their micro-chip number. 

Q: Are the puppies cleared by a Veterinarian prior to leaving your home? 
A: Our puppies visit the Veterinarian on day two or three for a checkup and dew claw removal. 
They receive their initial vaccination at approx 7 wks and their microchip is done at 7 wks as well. 
Our pups visit the vet at least twice before leaving for their new home.

Q: What happens if we can no longer care for our dog? 
A:Our contract clearly states that if the new owner can no longer care for the dog, 
then the dog is to be returned to us. 
We, as breeders, make a commitment to each and every dog we bring into this world. 

Under no circumstances does a dog we have bred ever need to end up in either 
a shelter or breed Rescue situation. 
We always have a list of good homes that would be happy to take in an older Ridgeback.

Please make sure you read and understand your sales agreement and obligations 
BEFORE you make your purchase!

Q: Why do I need a fence?
Having a fence will mean that your dog is able to go potty, or have some light exercise
in a controlled environment. Let's face it, although we all have the best intentions, 
there will be times when we are not able to walk Rover .

About  Invisible / Electronic Fencing...

Q: Everyone says these dogs are stubborn .... why?
Ridgebacks are very clever. They also get bored easily.... they are also very aware of their surroundings
which means they are easily distracted.

Q: Are Ridgebacks reliable off-leash?
The short answer is NO.
These are hounds - their purpose was to chase/find game then we, find them.
Although they love their humans, they do not hang on their every word like a Sheltie or Golden might.

Q: My vet says this breed has a "skin disorder" what is it?
Please visit the RRCUS website
They have extensive information on the breed and associated health disorders.

Q: Some people say Ridgebacks are aggressive. Are they?
If these dogs are not properly socialized and trained they can be.
Most large breeds have been used for protection purposes at some time in their history
and most dogs feel a need to look after their home & property.

Q: Are they good with kids?
Although they are not naturally drawn to them, Ridgebacks can be excellent companions for children.
Of course the dog and the children will need to be taught what acceptable behaviour is.
No dog should ever be left unsupervised with children.

Q: Do you have a waiting list for your puppies?
We only have a list when we plan to have puppies.
If no plans are being made for the near future we may refer you to another breeder that we know, 
trust and have dealt with in the past.
Buyer beware....
there are lots of "breeders" popping up lately - many of which are only
hoping to "cash in" on the breeds popularity.
It certainly pays to meet a few breeders and choose carefully.

Q: I am interested in getting a puppy, what is the next step?
The next step would be to fill out our questionnaire and email it to us.

We will then send you additional information about our litter plans and invite you to come for a visit.
We do like to meet people in person even though you may live very far from us.
We generally do not like to ship our puppies, and would prefer to have them fly home with you as carry on.

Q: Why do I need to have my puppy spayed/neutered ?
ALL of our puppies are sold on strict spay/neuter contracts.
In the event that you are interested in a "show potential" puppy, 
you will be required to adhere to a separate contract.

On this page I will attempt to answer some of the most common questions 
about the breed and getting a puppy. 
For additional information please contact us ...